Tattoo Lettering – The do’s and don’ts

When it comes to tattoo designs, tattoo lettering comes under a classic design category. It is one of the best and most popular technique of designing tattoos. However, there are so many things to consider when doing this, that tattoo lettering most of the time fails due to errors.

People have come across some of the great and worst tattoo lettering designs on individuals. There are just too many things to consider such as the size, color, placement, style and more which makes way for errors to occur.
The first thing that you need to keep in mind is, not asking for a tattoo that is really small. No matter how experienced and skilled your artist is, a little smudging cannot be ignored by anyone. Therefore, choose a good design that has less chances of error.
A lot of people say, that when it comes to lettering tattoos, readability is not much of an important thing. It is not important to be able to read every single letter in order to understand it. However, this is not true to an extent. If you’re getting a lettering tattoo, you’d surely want people to be able to read and understand every word of it.
Also, solid structuring lines are the ones that usually last. So don’t just go for a no-outline lettering tattoo in order to get a photorealistic feeling. Select something that would last long and looks good as well.
Lastly, don’t just ignore the importance of every style. Each and every style means something and conveys a message. Therefore, choose your lettering tattoo style wisely. Make sure to hire an experienced lettering tattoo artist who is specialized in this field. Consider health standards as well while doing so.