Getting a Jaw-dropping Shoulder Tattoo

Shoulder tattoos are just as much trending as the wrist tattoos. Shoulders are areas that are small, and a perfect place to get a tattoo on. Shoulder tattoos are not just limited for a particular gender, rather, there are some great designs present for both women and men. You can get these tattoos in various sizes, small, large or medium as per your preference. If you prefer large designs, you can combine your shoulder tattoos with sleeve tattoo as well.

There are hundreds of various ideas you can use such as lions, roses, quotes, angels, tribal and more. These tattoos look great on one’s shoulder, you can even show them off in the summer season. Men usually prefer tattoos on their shoulder. There are many guys who have tattoos just on their shoulder, and don’t prefer having one any place else.
If we talk about shoulder tattoos for men, there are different existing designs such as: inside shoulder, shoulder blade, front shoulder, outside shoulder, traps tattoos and front shoulder.
Some shoulder tattoos you could go for are:
Floral tattoos, combination tattoos (where the design is not just limited to the shoulder but to the sleeves and chest as well), shoulder eagle (a great design with a lot of detail present), colorful flowers (usually preferred by women, especially on the back of the shoulder), dark rose, water color or 3D designs (preferred by both women and men), an eagle or an octopus design with a lot of detailed art and many more.
Therefore, shoulder tattoos are something that has been a trend since a long time, and will surely continue to be one in the future as well. It is the second best preferred design by both men and women, after the wrist tattoos. Get help from your artist to choose the best design for you.